What is lymphatic drainage?

manual lymphatic massage

Lymphatic drainage is sometimes termed “message” because it involves hand movements on the skin but it is very different from therapeutic or aromatherapy massage which can cause friction to the skin and increase the blood supply. This, in turn, causes more lymph to be produced, according to the Royal Marsden hospital website.
There are two types of lymphatic drainage which may be used to treat lymphoedema – manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) and simple lymphatic drainage (SLD). Lymphatic draining techniques provide regular stimulation of the lymph vessels under the skin. It encourages them to work harder and find new pathways to drain away the lymph using a milking or syphoning effect to move lymph away from the swollen area. Treatment with MLD or SLD may be particularly helpful if you have swelling of your face, neck upper arm, thigh, breast, trunk or genitals.
MLD is a very special type of massage designed to stimulate the lymphatic system. The hand movements and sequences are adapted for each person. With its gentle and rhythmic massage technique, it stimulates the lymphatic system to promote better circulation, reduce swelling, and eliminate toxins from the body. Whether you’re seeking relief from edema, post-surgical swelling, or simply looking to detoxify your system, this massage technique offers a gentle and nurturing approach to improving your health.

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