Boon Sappaya offers both Foot Reflexology and Thai Foot Massage, each providing unique benefits. Foot Reflexology focuses on applying pressure to specific points on the feet that correspond to different organs and systems in the body, promoting overall health and well-being. In contrast, Thai Foot Massage involves a combination of massage techniques, stretching, and acupressure to stimulate circulation, release tension, and improve flexibility in the feet and lower legs. While Foot Reflexology targets internal organs and systems through the feet, Thai Foot Massage focuses more on relieving physical tension and promoting relaxation through a holistic approach.


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Thai Foot Massage vs. Foot Reflexology: Unravelling the Differences

Feet are often the unsung heroes of our bodies, carrying us through the ups and...

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  • Excellent massage ! je recommande

    Laura C Avatar Laura C

    A beautiful lovely relaxed couples massage at Boon Sappaya yesterday. Very kind, relaxed receptionist and the masseurs too. Mine identified some knotted muscles demonstrating excellent knowledge and understanding. Highly recommended.

    JRP 976 Avatar JRP 976

    We got a lovely couples massage! Very relaxing. Will definitely visit again when back in London

    Deven Jackson Avatar Deven Jackson
  • Really nice place, very clean, friendly staff! Would recommend

    mare Avatar mare

    Perfect massage. Exactly what my back needed

    Dominic Baliszewski Avatar Dominic Baliszewski

    We had an hour couples massage and it absolutely flew by. The staff are so friendly and welcoming but, most importantly we left feeling great afterwards. Would definitely recommend.

    Reece Satnarine Avatar Reece Satnarine
  • I had massage from Lily who was very friendly and well experienced. She took all my pain away and gave a very relaxing experience. The reception and room was exceptional.... read more

    Jamie M Avatar Jamie M

    Amazing couples massage. Clean and respectful. Really nice owners making us feel welcome. Thanks and we will be back!

    Zara Malik Avatar Zara Malik

    Absolutely great! Went here for a couples massage with my partner and we both enjoyed it sooo much! Definitely recommend going here!

    Britt Craeghs Avatar Britt Craeghs