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Welcome to Boon Sappaya Thai Massage, your Oasis of Serenity in London’s Baker Street. Experience the transformative art of Thai massage with our skilled therapists. Choose from a range of authentic therapies designed to relieve stress and promote wellness. Enjoy the perfect balance of relaxation and therapeutic benefits through gentle stretching and rhythmic compressions. Immerse yourself in our serene atmosphere for a truly tranquil experience. Our dedicated staff provides friendly and professional service. Let soothing music and fragrances calm your senses as you restore and rejuvenate. Conveniently located, we offer an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Treat yourself to a pampering session or unwind after a long day. Discover the ancient healing secrets of Thai massage at Boon Sappaya. Book an appointment now for blissful relaxation and holistic rejuvenation.


  • Best massage I've had in London for a long time - very nice masseuse, manager and space - thank you!

    Louisa Tholstrup Avatar Louisa Tholstrup

    I had the best experience! Everyone was so friendly and helpful. The gentleman receptionist was extraordinary! The masseuse did wonders on my aching body!!

    Nun Ya Avatar Nun Ya

    Beautiful spa and great massage service. I hadn't had a Thai massage before and was a little apprehensive, but I've been twice to Boon Sappaya now and am thrilled with... read more

    EJ Swanson Avatar EJ Swanson
  • Had a really good experience today in Boon Sappaya. I suffered from low back pain for about a week due to sitting and working in the office for too... read more

    Huanyu Huang Avatar Huanyu Huang

    I had a fantastic experience at Boon Sappya Thai massage. The decor inside is traditional Thai style and makes you feel calm from the onset. The massage was excellent and... read more

    Neung T Avatar Neung T

    I am very happy and super comfortable here. The owner; K’ Nop is very friendly and kind. The excellent service meets my requirement also professional therapists, especially, P’Daeng. :)))

    Vilasinee K Avatar Vilasinee K
  • I have had 1 hour (back, neck, shoulder) massage and it was a wonderful experience and focused exactly where I requested! I was so tired after a long day... read more

    J Avatar J

    As someone who has experienced Thai massages in Thailand whilst on holiday, I can firmly say that this place is just as comfortable and relaxing as any other. The owners... read more

    Dock 1929 Avatar Dock 1929

    The best experience of massage in London!!! Very friendly, positive and professional staff. For sure I will come back!

    Anna Vitrenko Avatar Anna Vitrenko


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Finding a decent Thai massage in London has long been a tricky task, which makes the arrival of husband-and-wife operation Boon Sappaya all the more welcome.

Finding a decent Thai massage in London has long been a tricky task, which makes the arrival of husband-and-wife operation Boon Sappaya all the more welcome.

Traditional Thai massage involves a precise combination of deep assisted stretches and famously deep pressure, usually performed without oil. The polar opposite to that soporific aromatherapy treatment, an hour or two here may not be the most relaxing, but the tension-melting results are a serious cut above.

Don’t come expecting white-walled luxury or Instagrammable design: the space, buried in a Baker St basement, is true to Thai tradition (although with a heated massage bed instead of rattling air conditioner). But if you’re hoping to relive – or likely, surpass – that revelatory treatment you had in the Land of Smiles, you’re in the right place.

Boon Sappaya Traditional Thai Massage, from £38 for 30 minutes

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